Mastering vs. Standard

Hello, and thank you for responding to my last posts!
I've read that support for DLT drives no longer works in Snow Leopard. I also read that DLT drives is something that is only available I'm the mastering edition. So am I right in saying that the standard edition should still work fully and properly under Snow Leopard? I hope so as I only would need the standard edition anyway.
Thank you!


Good news

Hi Ian,

That's good news. I should have been clearer, I read the workaround and I didn't know if it was not worded the right way or something, but it says the workaround fixes the "Import VTS" and "Replace Menu VOB" commands, but it didn't say anything about the "Replace VTS" and "Import Menu VOB" commands. Just checking. Thanks a lot!


Hi Ben, Provided you use the

Hi Ben,

Provided you use the workaround in the release notes, there are no Snow Leopard specific issues that we know of, apart from DLT support - which is an OS-X issue.


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