Replacing Main Title question again....


I stumbled upon this program just this afternoon and am very interested! Here's my goal:

I have been hoping to re-edit my Star Wars DVDs to get as close to the original theatrical cuts as possible, without all the CG stuff and everything. I have figured out a way to edit them and build a new VIDEO_TS folder and everything, but I completely lose the menus and special features from the original DVD. From what I've read so far about this software, and without getting into the philosophical/political/legal/moral aspects of this, it sounds like I can simply replace the original title with my new edited one and keep everything else the same. This is brilliant.

I do have a couple of questions though. If my new edited title is shorter than the original title with chapters at different places and such, will this screw up anything else in the DVD? Would the scene selection menu still function and recognize where I put my new chapter markers, or would it go to the same timecodes as before (which might not necessarily fall on the same place)? Also, I probably won't bother with subtitles, so on the main menu, is there a way to disable the subtitle options button so it doesn't show up, or would it stay in place and just be disabled or what? Basically, I'm just wondering what the ripple effects would be if I replace the main title with a slightly shorter, edited one of my own with different chapter markers and not as many audio options or subtitles of any kind.

Sorry for the long question, and I'm sure if I spent some more time reading the forums and stuff that I'd find the answers, but I'm just so excited about discovering this software that I wanna know now!!

Thank you!


DVDAE can do exactly what

DVDAE can do exactly what you want, although of course editing a commercial disc in this way is illegal, so we can't recommend you do it.

To answer your questions, though:

- Provided you have the same number of chapters and titles, all the navigation should still work. Chapter jumps don't use timecode.

- You can remove the subtitle button from the menu so it isn't accessible, but the image is encoded into the menu video so will still be visible. You can fix that too, by ripping the menu video, editing it and using the Replace Menu commands, but this will be a lot of extra work. If you just left things as-is, everything would probably work as expected, but obviously the subtitles won't display.

Hope that helps,


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