DVDAfterEdit Overview

DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition is now $698.


DVDAfterEdit 3.0 is a professional application designed to augment and expand the capabilities of your existing DVD authoring system. Its unique feature-set offers a wealth of functionality at all levels of authoring complexity, from entry-level right up to Scenarist Pro and beyond.

Because DVDAfterEdit works directly on the existing VIDEO_TS folders created by your current authoring application, it is fully compatible with any authoring system. It's simple, elegant interface literally unfolds the structure of your DVD before your eyes, and gives you detailed, precise control of almost any aspect of the DVD Specification.

Use DVDAfterEdit to examine the structure and follow the navigation of any unencrypted DVD. You can even do this with the free Demo Version. Use DVDAE as a DVD authoring teaching tool.

DVDAfterEdit is available in two versions: DVDAfteredit and DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition:

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