DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition

Mastering Edition is for authoring professionals who require mass replication. In addition to all of the functions of DVDAfterEdit, it provides output to DLT and DDP Image, the preferred formats for replication and which are required in order to use region coding, CSS, and Macrovision. You can also restore DLT's or DDP Images made from any authoring system to an editable VIDEO_TS folder, allowing you to make changes to previously mastered projects that need to be refreshed for re-release.

With the DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition you can:

  • Copy from an open project, a disk folder, disc image, tape image (DDP), or DLT tape, including those marked for CSS or Macrovision.
  • Format or copy to a disk folder, disc image, tape image, or DLT tape.
  • Compare to a disk folder, disc image, tape image, or DLT tape.
  • Write a dual-layer project to two tapes simultaneously.
  • Choose copy protection options, including CSS and Macrovision.
  • Choose format options, DDP 2.0, DDP 2.1, or CMF.
  • Set regions, guaranteeing that the region code will match in all DDP files.
  • Select the layer break from a pop-up list that shows all legal Cells or files.
  • Set the disc parameters Disc Diameter, Disc Side, and Number of Sides.
  • Choose whether or not to include Macintosh ROM Data.
  • Choose ISO, Joliet, and UDF file name options.
  • Assign a Disc Name, Tape Label, Publisher, and Preparer.
  • Choose logging and SCSI options in the Pre Mastering preferences.
  • Read logs that are automatically saved as text files, as aids to troubleshooting and replicator communication.

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