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Purchasing Information

DDPAfterBurner Logo SmallDDPAfterBurner is a new stand-alone utility for managing DDP Images on DLT (Digital Linear Tape). A stand-alone utility, DDPAB is priced at $199. Download DDPAfterBurner.

DDPAB provides a new, modern interface to tape drive management, showing the DDP information for tapes as they are mounted, and treats each layer of a DDP as a separate entity. This eliminates having to start over with layer 0 if problems are encountered on subsequent layers, and can prevent mislabeling of tape cartridges. Writing and verifying can be specified in one step to avoid the need for operator intervention, and verification can also be done at any time.

DDPAB operates multiple drives in overlap without any throughput degradation, for both reading and writing. When used with the newer, much faster, DLT7000 and DLT8000 drives, it can greatly speed up the production process.

DDPAB does not convert DDP images to or from VIDEO_TS folders, that remains the province of DVDAfterEdit.

DDPAfterBurner is a non-expiring demo application that can be purchased and registered for full functionality from within the demo. For demo and testing purposes it implements up to nine disk-based tape drive emulators which write the same data to their disk files as would appear on the tape. Physical tape drives are fully functional in the demo version, except that copies are limited to layers of 1 GB or less.

DDPAfterBurner can be updated to the latest version from within the program.

DDPAB provides built-in help from the Help menu, which can be stored locally or obtained on-line.