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Rivergate Software releases BluStreak Tracer 2

June 7, 2011. Rivergate Software has released BluStreak Tracer 2 and BluStreak Tracer 2 CMF, an upgrade and replacement for its previous product BluStreak Premaster.

We will continue support of DVDAfterEdit from this site, and please continue to post your questions and comments in the forums here.

DVDAfterEdit Standard and Mastering Edition run best on Macintosh OS 10.4 (Tiger).

OS 10.5 (Leopard) removed support for some older dialog callbacks used by the Import/Replace VTS functions. The following work-around overcomes this problem:

Instead of opening a VIDEO_TS folder from within the application, click and drag the VIDEO_TS folder to the application file (either Standard or Mastering Edition). The application will perform correctly thereafter.

OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) also requires the above work-around. In addition, you must be sure to install PPC emulation (Rosetta), as it is now optional. For preview, you must also install the optional QuickTime 7, and you will have to reinstall the QuickTime MPEG2 component.

Snow Leopard has also removed support for parallel SCSI, required for DLT. All legitimate replicators now support DDP folders (Tape Images) on hard drive or DVD-R data discs.

Lion removes all support for PPC, and will not be capable of running DVDAfterEdit.

We recommend setting aside a Tiger boot disc or partition for best operation of DVDAfterEdit Mastering Edition.

BluStreak Integration and Priorities

Those of you who have been following our news releases have probably noticed that BluStreak Navigator is still not released for beta testing on the web site, in contrast to our stated timeframes. Since these estimates have been overly optimistic, we are going to stop giving target dates, and instead only announce software when it is actually available for testing.

BluStreak Navigator Will Replicate

BluStreak Navigator, the Blu-ray Menu Authoring tool for Macintosh, will be released in two versions, Standard and Mastering.

BluStreak Navigator Standard, to be offered at $449, will output spec-compliant UDF 2.5 disc images that may be burned to BD-R and BD-RE and played in Blu-ray hardware or software players.

Rivergate's First Blu-ray product to be titled "BluStreak Navigator"

We have decided to use the all-encompassing name "BluStreak" for our pending Blu-ray Software Products. The first product will be BluStreak Navigator, targeted for release by the end of the year.

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